Artists Statement

The artwork i create reflects my life experiences and depicting them sparks creativity. How then is this visual display of memories, dreams and ideas, perceived in the minds of each viewer? Is it re-lived some how in each brain observing the canvas? Is it re-interpreted and mixed with similar images and memories of a conscious onlooker? A visual dialogue is engaged!

. . . . . In 2000 a transformation took place in my paintings, inspired by a family train ride (on the Coast Starlight) from Albuquerque to Seattle via Los Angeles. My wife Donna, children Zachary & Alexander and brothers Paul & Kiven saw a Van Gogh show at the L.A. Museum and a Chuck Close retrospective in Seattle. Each peice became more vivid and vibrant on a larger scale. The oil paintings began to visualize, merge and intertwine, with the memories in my mind and transcend the trip, the adventure, the excitement of it all. While painting imagination ran free and i thought how fun the experience of traveling was for my children and for my sibilings. When working on a piece dreams and ideas flow in my mind and mix with memories of growing up in a large family of 11, so with 9 children everyday was an adventure. Family, tradition, and celebrating how we live and where we are from, are also themes in my paintings. I feel my artwork is just the current fractal of visual interpretations from my senses of past and present experiences. A painting has as many meanings as there are viewers. Fulfillment is achieved when a painting sparks a response and the bystander stops and thinks. Its mysterious how portraying experiences informs my art and visually communicates to people. In a way these artistic creations mirror the world i'm observing blended with the dreams i've had. Its fascinating how each of us in our own minds (eyes closed) and our own observations (eyes open) experience life.